Are all Facials Created Equal?

Facial Treatment

By Lauren Hall – Aesthetician at Viva Medical Aesthetics

There’s nothing I love more than a good facial! A magical hour during which you are swaddled in plush blankets while having your head, neck and shoulders massaged with products that are going to leave your skin hydrated and smooth for the rest of the week. I worked as an esthetician at a day spa for four years, giving my clients what I believed to be the best possible treatments for their skin by using local, organic products that smelled fantastic and by massaging their skin using every possible lifting and toning technique on their face and neck. Clients always left in a blissful state with their skin looking great, albeit sometimes with a questionable hairstyle, but I got to the point that I wanted to give my clients more than just great skin for a week. I wanted them to have lasting results.

So how does one make sure that a client’s skin care treatment and home care products are really going to make a difference? To start, having a facial that uses pure active ingredients that are appropriate for your skin type will ensure results that will last. In addition, having a qualified skin care professional who can accurately diagnosis your skin type and conditions, will allow for a customized treatment and a home care regime that uses pure, active ingredients.

Ingredients like Vitamin C, which is essential for combating sun damage and brightening your complexion, can be found in almost every skincare line, but a shocking number of those products don’t actually have an active form of Vitamin C in it, or the concentration is so minimal it won’t make a difference to your skin. The good news, however is you can buy 100% pure l-ascorbic acid, the active form of vitamin C for your skin, without a prescription at a medical spa for little more than you would spend on a face cream at a day spa!

I recently started working at Viva Medical Aesthetics in Duncan so that I would be able to use pure, effective products, like the powdered vitamin C, on my clients. Before starting the job, I expected that the facials would be more expensive and less luxurious than what I was used to. I was thrilled to learn however, that the facial treatments included a comfy bed, blankets, hot towels, and relaxing music! My clients still leave in the same blissed-out state. What’s more, the cost is the same and the results are long lasting. Clients who receive a peel leave with glowing, radiant skin. HydraFacial clients leave with a dewy, plumped complexion, and clients who have dermaplaning done, leave with the softest, smoothest finish on their skin.

Long gone are the days that I’m satisfied with simply massaging nice smelling products into someone’s skin. There is so much more that you can accomplish in an hour that is just as enjoyable and costs the same amount. By choosing a reputable medical spa for your skincare treatments and products, you are not only treating yourself to an hour of much needed self-care, you’re investing in your skin so you can enjoy a healthy, radiant complexion for decades to come.

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