Bela MD

What is Bela MD?

The Bela MD is an advanced skin health platform that is designed to provide improvement in primary skin concerns while addressing the overall health and appearance of your skin.


How Does Bella MD Work?

During the treatment, the surface layer of your skin is exfoliated, deeply hydrated and infused with powerful ingredients. Your face and neck are stimulated for toning and lifting effects.

What steps are available for skin treatment?

  • Dry diamond microdermabrasion
  • Hydrogen water infusion
  • Ultrasonic cleanse and extraction
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • BELA MD serum infusion
  • Electroporation

What Does Each Step Do For My Face?

1. Microdermabrasion with Aqua handpiece and diamond tip

The Aqua handpiece fitted with one of 3 diamond tips is used to perform a medical-grade exfoliation. Removing the outermost layers of the epidermis accelerates skin cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your complexion is smoother and brighter. It also allows for better penetration of ingredients to follow.

2. Hydrogen therapy with the H2 module

Hydrogen therapy works by combining hydrogen (H+) with free radicals (OH-) to produce water (H2O). The BELA MD H2 module transforms tap water into hydrogen-rich water which is infused into your skin using the Aqua handpiece to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation while boosting brightness and hydration.

3. infusion with Aqua handpiece and Aqua tip

The Aqua handpiece is a closed-looped system. BELA MD bio-infusion serum or hydrogen water is emitted from the central aperture of the Aqua tip and infused into your skin along the contact path. The remaining solution dissolves any impurities, then exits through the waste inlet port.

4. Cleansing and extraction with the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber is a metal spatula that oscillates with ultrasonic vibrations creating a “pressure washing” effect.  The ultrasonic waves help loosen and remove oil, dirt, and cellular debris from pores.

5. Facial and neck toning with the double lifting Y handpiece

The BELA MD Y Handpiece uses 360-degree rotating massage balls and Micro-current Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation (MENS) technology to provide muscle stimulation, skin tightening, and a lifting effect. Its design enables a relaxing massage while repeated muscle contraction and relaxation boost circulation and toning.

6. Latest generation bio-infusion serums

Each BELA MD bio-infusion serum is designed to target common skin concerns while providing an overall improvement in skin quality with multi-functional ingredient blends. Advanced encapsulation technology protects serum ingredients and stability while enhancing penetration to boost results.

7. Electroporation to optimize the absorption of serums deep into the skin

During electroporation, a gentle electrical field is applied to the skin to increase its permeability. Intracellular channels temporarily open which allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of your skin. Once the current stops, skin cells return to their normal state with the active ingredients enclosed inside of them.

Am I a Candidate?

All skin types can benefit from Bela MD. Because we have six serum infusions to choose from, your particular skin type can be targeted effectively.

What are the Benefits of a bela MD treatment?

Clear Skin

  • Reduce excess oil
  • Calm and soothe skin
  • Restore optimal hydration

Even Pigment

  • Reduce photo-damage
  • Brighten complexion
  • Even skin tone

Brighten & Protect

  • Antioxidant
  • Improve texture
  • Reduce signs of skin fatigue

Calm & Hydrate

  • Restore skin barrier function
  • Boost hydration
  • Reduce transepidermal water loss
  • Improve firmness and elasticity

How does a Bela MD Treatment feel?

There is no discomfort associated with Bela MD treatments. Individual steps in the treatment feel invigorating, relaxing, effective, and soothing.

How Long Does the treatment take?

You will be relaxing for about one hour.

What is the Recovery Time?

This non-invasive treatment requires no downtime afterward.

What is the Cost?

Half Bela MD (3 steps) $165

Full Bela MD (6 steps) $225

In combination with a Laser Genesis $355


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