Achieving a defined jawline

The jaw is a facial feature that we rarely pay attention to. However, slight changes to the jaw can dramatically enhance the appearance of the face. Together, the jaw, mouth, chin, and neck create a whole and must be in perfect harmony. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy is essential in order to create a well-defined jawline that is in balance with the rest of the face.

Different options exist to bring jawline definition or to balance out certain facial proportions. Our doctors, injectors, and other specialists are passionate about their work and practice their art with kindness and dedication to help you achieve your goals.


Dermal filler injectables are a quick and effective way to sculpt the jawline. By adding volume to specific areas, angles can be accentuated to create a chiseled jawline or parts of the face can be balanced. Jawline fillers can be performed to structure the jawline, while a stronger jawline can be balanced with injections in the cheekbones, for example. In the case of skin laxity, the volume in the cheekbones should generally be restored before working on the definition of the jaw. Volumizers are also very effective in the case of a receding or overlong chin. In summary, this is a very popular treatment for structuring and balancing the entire face.


A prominent jawline is very often the result of hyperactivity or tension in the muscle responsible for chewing, the masseter. Just like any other muscle, the masseter gains in volume when over-used, which, in addition to unbalancing the proportions of the face, can cause bruxism and headaches. Injections of neuromodulators into this muscle allow it to relax and prevent it from contracting too much. With time, the masseter weakens slightly and the jaw shape gradually softens.


Radiofrequency technologies are an excellent approach to tightening and smoothing the skin. By heating the dermis, they allow the collagen and elastin fibers to first contract for an immediate toning effect on the skin. Then, the induced heat triggers a renewal process of these fibers for firmer and plumper skin in the weeks following the treatment. Used for jawline tightening, radiofrequency-based technologies can be used alone or in combination with injections and generally have few side effects.


Like radiofrequency-based technologies, Ulthera® is a treatment that uses targeted, controlled heat to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. However, thanks to its ultrasound-based technology (HIFU or High-Intensity Focalised Ultrasounds), Ulthera® has the advantage of being able to penetrate and extend its action on three subcutaneous levels: the deep dermis, the fatty tissue layer, and the SMAS layer (located just above the muscles). This deep action allows it to achieve a more pronounced tightening effect on the skin to define the jawline in an effective and long-lastingly.

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