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It can be overwhelming when looking at the options for medical aesthetic treatments these days. Technologies have advanced dramatically over the last few years, and many great options are now available. Treatments and technologies can address superficial problems such as exfoliation as well as deeper issues like collagen production to support the dermal connective tissue to achieve lifting and tightening. Below are some treatments and technologies you may find helpful to improve your skin’s overall health and quality.

Before proceeding with any treatment, knowing your skin type and what you are trying to achieve is essential. This knowledge will help you decide which treatments will be beneficial to you. For some treatments such as hair reduction and photo facials using either IPL or laser, your provider must know your Fitzpatrick Skin Type. Your Fitzpatrick Skin Type is based on your ethnicity and ability to tan, among other considerations. It is expressed as a number between one and six, with one being light and six being dark.

Chemical peels are a cost-effective way to address exfoliation and give your skin a healthier glow. Peels are also an effective way to treat melasma and brown spots but must be done in a series for best results. Peels targeting melasma and brown spots also need to be combined with mineral sunscreen and topical products, including Retinol, Vitamin C, and lightening lotions. Peels can be done gently and do not necessarily cause visible peeling. Instead, they are more of a micro peel to the superficial epidermal cells.

Bela MD is an advanced microdermabrasion technology that improves exfoliation and gives your skin a deep cleanse. This treatment includes multiple steps to tone and purify. A choice of serums is available to infuse into your skin depending on your skin condition (rosacea, melasma, acne, general dryness) and what would be most beneficial. This treatment is ideal for achieving healthier, more exfoliated skin.

Did you know that most advertised laser hair removal uses Intense Pulsed Light (not laser) and is performed with an IPL machine? However, true laser hair reduction devices are now available! These lasers can more effectively target both the thickness and colour of a client’s hair. This technology is also more comfortable, and treatments are quicker. If you are looking for hair reduction, be sure to ask if the machine used is IPL or an actual laser.

Microneedling is a fabulous way to address many skin concerns, including acne scarring, melasma, and rosacea. It is also ideal for maintaining general skin health and improving collagen production. Microneedling uses your body’s own healing capacity. As the name indicates, the skin is treated with many needle punctures, which stimulates your own body to repair the micro-damage. Various devices are available, from home treatments where the needle depth is obviously less to in-office procedures where prior numbing is required. For in-office treatments, the depth of the needle can be changed depending on what issue needs to be addressed. Often, a series of treatments is required.

IPL can be used to address superficial colour as found in rosacea. It is NOT suitable for melasma as melasma is worsened by light. An IPL treatment done on anyone with melasma will make it worse, so ensure you have your brown spots correctly diagnosed before proceeding with any treatment. Melasma is best treated with topical products and the daily use of mineral sunscreen. A Q-switched laser can also be helpful.

A true vascular laser is necessary to address the reds of rosacea, especially when there are small blood vessels on the cheeks and around the nose. These treatments must be done in the winter when there is no tan.

Fractional resurfacing devices usually use radiofrequency energy. This treatment promotes collagen production to address large poor size, acne scarring, and other scarring. It is an excellent treatment if you feel you would like your facial skin smoother.

Ultherapy is an advanced technology that uses ultrasound to promote collagen production, which in turn supports the connective tissue in the dermis, thereby affecting lifting and tightening. Ultherapy is an ideal treatment for those who wish to see some lifting and tightening in the face and neck area. It is not a substitute for a surgical facelift but for those with mild to moderate laxity, it can provide good results. Because it stimulates your own collagen production, visible results will take 3 to 12 months.

I hope this information is helpful to you. As always, the NUMBER ONE anti-aging ingredient is a proper mineral sunscreen worn daily. If you do nothing else, do this.

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