The Art of Natural Looking Filler

We have all seen bad filler. You know, the overdone fake look that has people not looking like themselves anymore. But, have you also seen those people who are just looking fabulous and you are wondering a little? Was it just the holiday, is it a new hairstyle, or is there a new romance? Could they have had some filler to replace volume loss and it is so fantastic that it is not noticeable as such?


So, how is it possible that some people receive such bad filler results and others have fantastic results? The answer is that injecting filler is a combination of science (knowledge of the different qualities of different filler products and which type of filler is best in each area), artistic competency, and a thorough knowledge of anatomy. A skilled injector is an expert in all of these areas and like any art form, it takes practice and experience to be able to deliver fabulous results.

The Golden Ratio

I have spent many hours studying faces and deciphering what creates beauty. Leonardo Da Vinci discovered and wrote about the Golden Ratio more than 4 centuries ago. This golden rule uses PHI – a ratio of 1 to 1.618 and we find it in beautiful pieces of architecture, nature, and beautiful faces. Have you ever wondered why some people have just ‘natural beauty’? If we measure certain dimensions in their face, they will likely demonstrate this golden ratio.

Important Facial Areas

There are certain areas of the face that benefit from filler treatment more than others do. For example, the eye area needs to be open. As we age, the brow drops and the orbital area tends to diminish. The use of a small amount of filler in the temple area, combined with Botox in this area and in the smile line area, can effectively open the eye. The first area I often suggest injecting is the lateral cheek area. Lifting here will improve the cheekbone definition, lift the nasolabial lines, and often raise the corner of the mouth.


People often wonder about symmetry. We are all a bit asymmetrical and this makes us look normal. If we chase symmetry too much, we start to look not like ourselves. For lips, however, each half needs to mimic the other half. It is often said that the mid and lower face need to be brother and sister but the lips twins.


Often a small amount of filler will enhance other areas of the face. We no longer chase and fill lines. The ideal approach is to understand why the lines we wish to improve have occurred, and then correct the cause.

So, as you can see, the use of filler to give a natural look involves both science and artistry.

I have included links to some YouTube videos on the Golden Ratio and PHI. Have a watch – it is fascinating.

If you are curious about how a small amount of filler may improve your facial appearance and confidence, give us a call!

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