Botox – Beyond Cosmetic Fixes

Botox - Beyond Cosmetic Fixes

Botox, best known for smoothing wrinkles, continues to amaze the medical community with its ongoing new applications for medical conditions. Fifty years ago, researchers showed that injecting tiny amounts of  botulinum toxin relaxed overactive muscles by blocking the release of acetylcholine, a neurochemical essential for muscle contraction. The drug is now approved for many medical conditions as well as for cosmetic conditions. There are many more potential uses of Botox currently being investigated. Botox, a naturally purified protein, is considered safe if administered by a licensed professional, in appropriate doses, for the indication to be treated.

Did you know Botox can be used for the following conditions?


Botox can be very effective for the treatment of chronic migraines when injected in a protocol to the face, neck and upper back. This protocol should be done by either a neurologist or a family physician with special training in the procedure. In many cases, patients achieve a significant reduction in the frequency and intensity of their migraines which allows them to decrease oral medication. The procedure needs to be repeated every 3 months.


Hyperhidrosis can be effectively treated with Botox. It relaxes the muscles in the axilla around sweat glands to achieve a reduction in sweating. With this treatment, you won’t be restricted to wearing dark shirts to hide underarm stains! Botox treatments can also work to reduce sweating in hands.


Botox can be used by a trained specialist (urologist) to treat this condition if she / he thinks it is indicated.


One of the first disorders to be treated with Botox was Strabismus.


Clinical trials are under way to investigate the benefit of Botox for some people with depression. It is based on the facial feedback hypothesis which suggests that a person’s facial expression can affect their mood. Look less sad, feel less sad.


People with this condition can have severe, debilitating spasms and tightness of large muscles. Botox injected into these muscles can help with relaxation and potentially allow less oral medication use.


An anal fissure is a tear in the lining of the anal canal and can cause severe pain and bleeding. Medical treatments include the use of prescription creams. Botox has also been used for more than 15 years and numerous studies have confirmed its effectiveness.

At present, there are over 100 clinical trials being conducted to investigate further potential uses of Botox. Safety issues, as with all medication, are paramount before the drug can be approved for use.

If you are considering Botulinum toxin injection for either cosmetic or medical reasons, the standard caveats apply:

  1. Look for a LICENSED PHYSICIAN who is trained and has extensive experience in the use of Botox in the area you wish treated.
  2. Before the treatment, make sure you tell the physician your full medical history, the list of medications you may be taking, and any allergies or sensitivities you may have.
  3. Make sure your physician will follow up with you and be available after treatment should any problems arise.

BOTOX is a very useful drug providing it is administered by a licensed physician, used in appropriate doses, and injected in the right areas. Book a consultation with Dr. Pascoe at Viva Medical Aesthetics to find out more about how Botox might be able to help you.


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