Pre – Juvenation with “Baby Botox”

Pre-juvenation is a term aesthetic physicians are using now to describe the use of small amounts of Botox in younger clients to prevent lines forming in the upper face. We call it BABY BOTOX.

It can be started in a clients 20’s or whenever forehead lines or ‘elevens’ start to form. By starting with small amounts of Botox early, the deep lines we see in older clients will be less likely to form.

Small amounts (typically 20 to 25 units ) are used 2 to 3 times a year.

Clinical studies are confirming that softness to the upper face not only results in a more youthful appearance, but also helps feelings of confidence and aids in relationships we have with others.

I find that younger clients are very information savvy regarding their skin care routine (actively using sunblock, retinol and vitamin C topically daily) and show an interest in other preventive measures they can take.

Baby Botox is here!

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