Spray Tan in Duncan, BC Canada

Is a fast, safe and effective way to get a natural looking golden tan, Simply applied by a trained technician through our state of the art airbrush system. The application only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Our solution is a unique blend of two active ingredients:

DHA (dihydroxyactone) – the sunless tanning ingredient that has been FDA approved for cosmetic use. DHA is a substance from fruit sugars that reacts with proteins on the surface of the skin.

Eurythrulose – a natural keto – sugar which reacts with the amino acids in the skin.


When the two ingredients are combined they deliver a streak free, natural, beautiful golden tan with the addition of a bronzer with moisturizer for an immediate tan.

The Sunless Spray Glow is great for weddings, proms or any special occasion. Get a great tan before going on your vacation or simply have a golden luster all year round.

Get that Golden tan you’ve always wanted in minutes, without the effects of UV rays. Experience our instant Spray Glow and the benefits it offers.

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