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We recently sent out our first survey on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who participated! Your answers were helpful for us in our goal to make your Viva experiences the best possible. Below you will find our responses to your questions, concerns, and suggestions.





Many of you responded that COST was a concern.
We understand that and here’s how we can help:


  1. Viva Medical offers some very affordable treatments that can help you begin a program of effective skin care, both for prevention and treatment, of sun damage, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, acne and scarring.


  1. Our most affordable procedures are Chemical Peels at $115 and HydraFacial MD (a medical grade facial) at $149. This is in line with, or cheaper than, many spa type facials. Your skin will be gently exfoliated and treated with medical grade products to achieve a glow and rejuvenation.


  1. To assist with home maintenance of your skin, we have a range of medical grade skin products that are all effective. When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Pascoe will make a diagnosis of your skin type and outline a treatment regime that fits your budget. No more guessing and spending unnecessary dollars on products from a general retailer that may or may not work.



Some of you are worried about PAIN.
We understand that too and here’s how we can help:


  1. There are at least 5 things you can do that are totally pain free!!
    1. Use medical grade skin care products.
    2. The HydraFacial treatment gently “vacuums” and hydrates your skin.
    3. Laser Genesis is amazing – I almost fell asleep during my last treatment.
    4. Superficial Glycolic / Lactic Peels only tingle for a short time
    5. Use Jane Iredale Mineral make-up
  2. The Botox needle is the teeny tiny. It’s just a little pinch.


  1. For filler injections, Dr. Pascoe uses anesthetic cream before the procedure.


  1. Some of the laser treatments can feel “snappy”, but you can ask for the settings to be adjusted if it feels like too much for you.



A few of you felt UNFAMILIAR with various treatments.
Here’s how we can help:



  1. We have written details of treatments on our website but will review this to make sure you have the information you require. Here’s the link to our home page


  1. Check out Dr. Pascoe’s (and others’) videos:
    1. Rosacea         
    2. Botox and Fillers
    3. Skin Care Consult
    4. General           
    5. Botox demo    
    6. Laser demo     
    7. Laser demo     


  1. Your best bet for details on treatments and personalized programs is the consultation with Dr. Pascoe. Once you have an accurate diagnosis of your skin type, Dr. Pascoe can help you on your search for the appropriate treatments.






DULL APPEARANCE TO SKIN is a common question.
Here are our suggestions:


  1. This situation is common and results from inadequate chemical exfoliation.


  1. The solution is to make skin care products that contain retinol and alpha hydroxy acids part of your daily regime. We can recommend the most effective products for your skin type.


  1. Partner home maintenance with a HydraFacial MD or a Glycolic Peel to give your skin that deep, healthy glow you are looking for. Both of these treatments are affordable and effective.


BROWN SPOTS are an issue for many of us.
Here’s what you can do:


  1. Brown spots can be treated by various methods including cryotherapy, home skin care products such as retinol, vitamin C, glycol acid, and lightening products such as Lytera 2.0.


  1. A series of Laser treatments or photo facials will give faster, superior results and can be combined with the above home treatment products.


  1. A series of chemical peels combined with home treatment products can also achieve excellent results.


  1. During your consultation with Dr. Pascoe, various treatment options and price points will be outlined so you can choose which route is best for you.


WRINKLES cause some concern.
Here are our thoughts:


  1. Treatment possibilities differ according to the type and depth of the lines and where they are on the face and or neck area.


  1. Some wrinkles, such as the frown / forehead and smile lines around the eyes, respond very well to Botox.


  1. Other wrinkles lower down on the face may need filler injections.


  1. Fine lines respond well to home treatment with retinol and newer products containing antioxidants and growth factors.


  1. A consultation with Dr. Pascoe will help you decide which treatment options are right for you.






  1. Many of you commented that you have been very happy with what we do at Viva Medical. Thanks for your encouragement!


  1. There was a request for more fun information nights and we can plan more of those soon.


  1. One suggestion was to post some prices on our website. We will do this, but keep in mind that these are only guidelines. A consultation is the best way to develop a plan that you can use at your own pace to achieve the results you are looking for.





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