Understanding Acne

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Acne is the most common skin disorder in North America. It is caused by excess production of sebum which then gets trapped in follicles in the skin that are not exfoliating well. Skin bacteria can then infect the area. This condition usually begins in adolescence when testosterone production increases. This is the case for both boys and girls. In addition, some skin types genetically do not exfoliate as well and therefore need more specialized treatment. Acne can occur throughout the teenage years and is not uncommon in adulthood. For some older women, it can be caused by serious hormone imbalances. Persistent adult acne therefore, should always be treated by a physician. There are different types and grades of acne that require different approaches to treatment. A qualified medical professional can accurately diagnose and treat specific cases according to type and grade.

Steps for Treating Acne

1. Exfoliation
– Physical methods (Clarisonic Brush, HydraFacial MD)
– Chemical methods (AHA’s – Glycolic, Salicylic Acid, Retin)
– Accutane is reserved for very severe cystic acne with scarring

2. Blocking Testosterone in women
– Birth Control Pill
– Other prescribed medications

3. Antibiotics for severe infection
– Topical
– Oral

Physicians can often suggest and / or prescribe topical products that can effectively treat grade 1-3 acne. Grade 4 acne which can lead to scarring, requires more intensive treatment.

How Viva Medical Aesthetics Can Help

1. A thorough assessment to diagnose your type and grade of acne.
2. Dr. Pascoe will suggest a combination of either an over-the- counter topical or prescription products.
3. HydraFacial MD is a very beneficial procedure for the treatment of acne as it is a gentle physical and chemical exfoliator.
4. The use of the Clarisonic brush for cleaning is very effective as a mild physical exfoliator (harsh scrubs should not be used on acne as they will cause further inflammation).
5. Superficial chemical peels with AHAs can be used effectively to assist in exfoliation.
6. Sublative rejuvenation and intense pulsed light (IPL) can be used to treat scarring and colour changes associated with acne.

Unfortunately, many people suffer needless worry and self-esteem issues because of a skin condition that can be successfully treated. Many people often also spend a lot of money on products that claim to give results when really the cornerstone of effective treatment is accurate diagnosis of the stage, severity, and type of acne. Viva Medical Aesthetics offers acne consultations.

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