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Let Your Skin Shine this Winter!

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In our Canadian winter, your skin is exposed to a variety of weather conditions, including frigid temperatures, cold wind, reflected sun, and driving rain. Taking care of your skin is an essential part of your health and well-being.  The great news is that good skin care does not need to be complicated or expensive – it just needs to be effective!

The Basics

Skin care should be based on these simple steps:

  1. Cleanse /Exfoliate
  2. Moisturize
  3. Protect
  4. Treat

The Morning – Cleanse and Exfoliate

Do this every morning and use a PH balanced, high quality cleanser (not drying soap).

The Morning – Moisturize and Protect

Do this every morning too! Since there are many different kinds of moisturizers, consider your skin type when choosing a product. In general, if you have rosacea or sensitive dry skin you would want a heavier product. Lighter products are great for normal or oily skin.

It is essential that your moisturizer include a sunscreen or sunblock. This helps prevent sun damage and helps maintain a youthful tone and texture.

Please note that there is an important difference between sunscreen and sunblock. Sunscreen is a filter only while sunblock (as it’s name implies) is a block. Sunblock typically contains zinc oxide, which prevents most of the damaging UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin. So, during the winter or the summer, if the sun is shining, or even managing to filter through the clouds, you need to be using sunblock.

The Evening – Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Treat

Do this every night. Just like in the morning, use a PH balanced high quality cleanser. Bedtime is the best time to use an exfoliating and rejuvenating product to treat your skin because all the work is done at night while you sleep. The product you require depends on your skin type (normal, rosacea, acne/oily or melasma).

Match your Skin Type to Products with Active Ingredients

Normal skin responds well to alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic, retinol, or retin.

Rosacea requires gentler products like mild glycolic or vitamin C serum and cream. Products that contain rosehip and licorice are also gentle on sensitive skin.

Acne and oily reacts well to salicyclic acid, retin, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid.

Melasma is unique type of skin where deep pigment occurs after exposure to sunlight and in response to female hormones. This type of skin, needs retin, hydroquinone, vitamin C, and kojic acid.

As you can see, it is important to know your skin type. A knowledgeable skin care professional can help you determine your specific skin type. Having this information could save you spending money on products that are not going to deliver the results you are hoping for.


Now that you have a great skin care regime, you can add to this with good quality makeup to enhance skin tones and color. Many people are looking for a basic cover while others are hoping to add to their look with more color.

Mineral Makeup

This type of makeup consists of pure mineral ingredients, which are both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. This means that they are treating your skin while they provide cover and colour. Many also contain extra SPF. They come in a variety of colors for your skin tone. I highly recommend Mineral Makeup. A consultation with a specialized makeup consultant will be helpful in getting you the look you are seeking.


In all seasons, but especially in winter, skin will benefit from a deeper exfoliating and moisturizing treatment. The Hydrafacial MD is my go to treatment for a deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing treatment. Medical grade products are used to achieve a deeply cleansed, glowing skin. Products can be added for anti ageing, lightening browns, and decreasing reds. This is a treatment that can be done monthly. After the treatment, your skin feels healthy – deeply cleansed and ready for your next adventure.

The experienced and knowledgeable skin care professionals at Viva Medical Aesthetics are available to help you develop a personalized plan for your skin.

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