A Modern Twist on an Ancient Practice

The use of needles applied to the skin forms the ancient practice of acupuncture. It is now being used in aesthetic medicine to tap into the body’s natural healing process. The focus of aesthetic medicine is on treating skin conditions such as rosacea, melasma, acne scarring and using techniques to either replace collagen that has been lost or stimulate our own body’s collagen production.

Microneedling is a technique that is growing in popularity. It relies on the principle of creating microtrauma to the epidermis and dermis to stimulate healing. The method depends on working with the already present cells in the body to help repair damaged skin and improve collagen production. Because of its holistic nature, microneedling is fast becoming one of the most popular techniques for many skin conditions.

There are different types of microneedling depending on the device used. The variables are the depth of needles and how they are applied.

The simplest type is home device rollers which may offer some improvement in skin tightness.

Microneedle pens are used in medical aesthetic offices. These devices also have a varying depth of needles, and treatments can be customized to fit your particular skin condition. Topical anaesthetic needs to be applied before your treatment.

RF (radio frequency) microneedling is becoming one of the most popular treatments for various skin conditions. These devices offer a choice of needle depth penetration and energy input. Two or more passes will be made over the skin for many clients, each using a different needle penetration depth to target different areas. Again, a topical anaesthetic is applied prior. A series of 3 to 6 treatments are required for optimal outcomes as we rely on the body to repair and heal, which takes weeks to months for full results.

What Conditions Can Microneedling Treat?


1. Fine lines and wrinkles

Microneedling stimulates our body’s collagen production. I have clients in their 20’s who want to optimize their skincare routine. Microneedling is a way to ensure the healthy ongoing production of collagen.

2. Acne scarring

Microneedling can be very effective in helping soften scarring caused by acne. Deep’ ice pick’ scars may need more aggressive treatment.

3. Rosacea

The prominent blood vessels may be less inflamed by stimulating collagen production, and the skin surface can become ‘more even.’

4. Sun damage

Microneedling can assist with hyperpigmentation and sunspots. It is safer to use on darker skin types than many forms of laser and IPL.

5. Pore size

By stimulating collagen production, the pore size may be diminished.

6. Scars

Microneedling can help soften scars. It will NOT be effective for keloid scars. Microneedling can be combined with IPL / laser for red acne scarring.

If you are looking for a more ‘holistic’ method to treat your skin condition or build collagen, microneedling may be for you.

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