The Truth About Filler




The Good and the Bad

Fillers have had a bad rap over the last number of years. That is because bad filler is very noticeable. We have all seen it. On the other hand, we have all seen (but perhaps not noticed) good filler in our friends and colleague. It is hard to identify and most people with good filler don’t tell you; they will just receive your compliments graciously.

The most common comment I receive during consults is: “I am nervous about filler because I do not want to look overdone”.

How Can You Achieve a Natural Look with Filler?

The answer is that a skilled injector will be able to identify where to place the filler to accurately and softly reflate the area that is causing the problem. The area that needs injecting is often not the line or area that the client originally identifies as being the problem. For example, to improve harsh nasolabial lines, the lateral cheek needs to be targeted to gently lift the cheek area and soften the nasolabial area. To treat marionette lines, the cheek needs to be reflated and often the chin and jowl area needs to be treated as well.

Knowledge Needed

The application of filler is a blend of knowledge of anatomy, science, and art. I have written before about the Golden Ratio which is demonstrated everywhere in nature. It is based on the ratio of 1 to 1.618. A person’s facial features need to be carefully studied and filler needs to be placed appropriately to re-achieve the Golden Ratio.


The amount of filler must match the amount of deflation in the face, which will depend on the age of the client, sun damage, and genetics. In order to achieve the best results, anywhere from 2 to 16 vials of filler may be needed. This can be achieved in treatment sessions. It does not all have to be placed at the same time (although many clients prefer this).

The Before and After Photo Above

The concern for our client in the attached photos was the “marionette lines” on the side of her mouth which made her look sad. She needed reflation of her lateral cheeks, lifting of her jawline, and protrusion of her chin. She is thrilled with the results.

How to Choose an Injector

When considering filler, I urge you to check the credentials and experience of your injector. A lengthy consultation may be needed to fully address your questions and queries. The injector should be available for follow up with you the next day to answer any questions or queries you may have about the treatment.

Filler has changed the game of how we choose to age and present ourselves. We live in an age where we no longer need to feel that we look tired, angry, or saggy. I myself am a big fan of good filler!

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